Welcome to
Tim Oliver’s Virtual Home

Welcome to my Virtual Home!

In the mists of time I created a web site at work to make my work on parallel computing easily available to colleagues over the Web. Since then I have slowly expanded the site for my own amusement.

If you’d like to find out more about my work in parallel and distributed computing have a look at my work projects.

You can also find out more about me, or perhaps you’d like to find out a bit about my travels by looking at my photo diaries.

If you are technically minded you might like to find out how my Virtual Home is created.

Throughout my Virtual Home there are top and bottom panels with links to help you navigate about the place. Sometimes there is also a panel on the left hand side, like here, showing links to related places. If you get lost or want to take a short cut you can always look at the site map.

Wherever you look, I hope you have a few minutes of fun browsing round my Virtual Home.

Last updated May 27, 2004
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